wAmbitious! So what is it? Date of Last Revision: June 17, 2018

wAmbitious. Your family!

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Welcome to wAmbitious!
wAmbitious is the idea that came to our mind when thinking about how the world could go better. Nowadays, there are tons of social media. So many way to connect with others. But paradoxically we think that the world has never been so isolated. People always waste their time on the Internet doing literally nothing. wAmbitious’ goal is to stop that. wAmbitious is a new social media where you are online for a relevant purpose. wAmbitious allows you to do almost everything you were doing with other social media.
But here, at wAmbitious, every day will be a new journey, every hour will be discovering and every moment will be valuable.
Because every single person is unique, special, and useful, at wAmbitious we want you to share what you know, to talk about what's matter for you.
We introduce at wAmbitious, what we call: “subjects”. You may wonder what are "subjects"? They are topics that you create about what you master or are passionate about and that you want to share. The interactions with others has never been that much valuable and intersting.
Spread inspiration or get inspired! wAmbitious is a big family to be. This wAmbitious family will always be there for you. And we hope that you will always be there for wAmbitious.
A great journey awaits us. We have to do it together!